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Do You Believe Speaking In Tongues Is For Today?

Abundant Harvest Church is a full-gospel, Spirit filled church.  We believe that all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit are for today’s believer, empowering us to live with great power and authority as witnesses to the risen Christ.  These gifts must operate under authority and in decency and order.  Speaking in tongues has several Biblical purposes, including a sign to the unbeliever and a private prayer language unto the Lord. 

How Is Your Church Government Structured?

Abundant Harvest is an elder-led church.  The elder team is led by the lead elder (senior pastor) and serves as the governing and shepherding leadership of the body.  The elder-led church model is a reflection of the New Testament example of elder appointment.  It is believed that in God’s church elders must be identified and established by leaders, not majority vote.

Elders serve in the role of elder until they are led to step down by the Lord.  The elders comprise the majority of the corporate board of the organization to strategically apply the God-given vision of the ministry. 

Abundant Harvest is an independent church that has chosen to submit to apostolic oversight by DOVE International.  DOVE does not control any decisions, but is a godly voice to the lead elder and elder team as needed.  The lead elder meets monthly with apostolic oversight for accountability, impartation, and encouragement. 

What Do You Do About Nursery/Childcare?

We are a family focused church and we love children!  We have a team ready to serve our children every Sunday.  Parents are welcome to check their children into nursery (0-4) or into children’s church (4-8) during the worship service.  Our Tweens (8-12) worship with us before being dismissed for a lesson during the sermon. 

How Should I Dress?

We are a casual dressing church, with the majority of our church wearing jeans on Sunday.  You will find flip flops, shorts, t-shirts, dress shirts, and even some ties.  Come dressed comfortable and you will fit right in!

How Long Does Your Service Last?

Our services are generally between 1hr 30 minutes to 1 hr 45 minutes.  We are led in worship by our praise team for around 30-40 minutes.  The preaching of God’s word is about the same length of time.  We feel that the corporate gathering is to be a focal point of our week and is to be deliberate and spiritually deep.  Although longer than most church services, our congregation enjoys the time spent together seeking the Lord.

How Do You Feel About Women Ministering Publically?

We believe that God has ordained distinctive roles in the family, with the husband being the head servant and the wife serving submissively as his helpmate.  Through mutual submission and Christlike love and respect, these roles compliment and complete each other.

 However, outside the sphere of the family, we believe that God calls women to roles of oversight in both business and church spheres.  We do not believe that women are disqualified from leadership in the kingdom of God because of their gender. Scriptures that forbid women in leadership must be understood in their cultural context and the moral issues of that day.