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Back to School - Attitude & Commitment to Excellence

by Tony D'Angelo on August 27, 2023

Lord, You are worthy of people who give their all in everything they do. As You gave Your all for us without complaint or shortcut, so we too are called to joyfully give our all for You. May Holy Spirt continually remind Your disciples of this reality as they go through the school year. When the enemy tries to whisper in their ears about how pointless and fruitless school is, may they be reminded of David, who was fully devoted to such a menial task as shepherding, and all the while You were preparing him for Kingship. Holy Spirit, impart a deep desire to excel in all they do, and to function with honor and integrity, not taking any shortcuts, not cheating, not taking the easy way out. May conviction pursue them if they try to get lazy or in any way settle for less than excellent.

I pray that a desire would arise within Your people to be diligent and fully committed to all that is set before them. 

Lord, empower Your people to walk as children of the Light, not getting caught up in fruitless discussion and ways of darkness. As students around them complain and slack off, give Your people the strength to remain diligent and maintain a good attitude. As other students act immoral, impure, hateful, jealous, angry, selfish, envious, and foolish, may Your character be clearly displayed through Your people by wallking with hearts full of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. May they remain steadfast even when they are frustrated, recognizing that faithfulness in this area will unleash greater responsibility in Your Kingdom. You are a God who looks upon faithfulness with delight; may we be a faithful people! All for Your glory! Amen.

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