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Back to School - Knowledge & Learning

by Tim Eshenour on August 22, 2023

Father, I thank You for the children of AHC.  We thank You for giving our children a “sound mind” according to Your word (2 Timothy 1:7 NKJV).  This means they will focus.  They will concentrate.  They will sit still.  They will exercise discipline in their studies.  They will retain information.  A sound mind is a gift from You, and so we thank You for establishing a sound mind in our children.   

We pray also that our children would develop a love for learning.  Help them to understand the value and the importance of schoolwork.  May they begin to see the big picture and help them to realize that they are laying foundations and preparing themselves for success or for failure in this season.

We ask that You reveal to our children how You are using this season of learning in their lives. May they see their schoolwork as a part of Your will for their lives right now.  May their schooling be filled with purpose, as they realize You are watching not only their grades, but more importantly, their heart posture toward learning.  May their attitudes toward learning be pleasing to You. 

Finally, we pray that this year brings great revelation knowledge of Christ.  May our children grow in the knowledge of their Lord and Savior, Jesus!  Amen.

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