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Children - Day 16 - Deconstruction

by Lauren Eshenour on February 29, 2024

Day 16 – Deconstruction

In Jesus’ name, I apply the blood of Jesus to __________.  They will not fall away, become prodigals, or deconstruct.  Help them to be SO convinced of your goodness that nothing –sickness, death, betrayal, hurt, or anguish – nothing causes their feet to shift.  Cause them to have such deep, experiential, real times with you that they are stable, determined, and unmovable.  I pray open eyes to the agenda of the enemy which seeks to steal, kill, and destroy.  Cause them to have true enlightenment – but may it always come from times with you.  May they always see hurt and pain in light of your Gospel.  Let them not function from a place of bitterness or being jaded.  Always, Lord, let them be men and women with soft hearts and teachable spirits.  Help them to take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ.  Lord, cause them to not be consumed with self or function in selfishness.  Both are outcomes of the idol of self- which feeds deconstruction.  Lord, let them walk in blessing and be launched from the shoulders of those who have been foundational for generations.  The wise man builds his house upon the Rock of Christ and the Gospel.  May they be wise builders.  In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

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