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Children - Day 17 - Fear

by Lauren Eshenour on March 01, 2024

Day 17 – Fear 

Lord Jesus, thank you for __________.  I praise you for the work you continually do in their hearts.  Thank you for molding them and shaping them into men and women that are mighty in your kingdom.  Lord, I pray for my children to have no relationship with fear.  Help them to keep from living under the fear of man.  I break off people pleasing tendencies and a performance mentality that is usually rooted in the fear and approval of men.  I break off the bondage and generational curse of fear and phobias.  May all my children have a great measure of faith and security in you.  Guard them from the terrors of night and other demonic fear-based attacks.  May they walk in the fullness of your Holy Spirit, which brings peace.  May they exalt your thoughts and ways over all others, all the days of their lives.  May they live in holy fear of you alone.  In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

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