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Children - Day 39 - Leadership

by Lauren Eshenour on March 23, 2024

Day 39 – Leadership 

Lord Jesus, I thank you for the roles my children have.  While you’ve designed each of them with specific strengths, you desire for each of them to be leaders in some capacity.  First, help them to see themselves as influencers.  Open their eyes of understanding to the mandate to establish your kingdom by being fathers and mothers (naturally and spiritually).  As they grow, give them a desire to excel in both aspects of parenting.  Help them to remember that their greatest leadership role is walked out in family life.  Whether they are big brothers/sisters, mentors, or one day “Mom” and “Dad,” they lead and influence.  I declare that __________ will not abdicate their roles to lead their families.  Help them adhere to Biblical principles of leadership and not adopt the worldly way of authoritarian control.  Let, “Follow me as I follow Christ,” be their core leadership philosophy.  Let them influence but never give way to manipulation.  Help them to function under authority – as they can’t be healthy leaders unless they are under authority.  Give them revelation to the truth that the greatest leaders are those that build Christ in others through serving.  

Finally, I declare that my children will not succumb to the pitfalls of leadership. They will not be overcome with pride and will function from a place of pure motivation.  In Jesus’ name, __________ will be tested and their character will be as pure gold.  So be it!  Amen.

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