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Children - Day 4 - Health

by Lauren Eshenour on February 17, 2024

Day 4 – Health 

I speak the blood of Jesus over __________ , their health and well-being.  Protect them from disease.  Oh Lord, allow them to develop correctly and fully that they may have children when they are grown and not struggle to have a family.  I speak a correct balancing of all hormones in their bodies.  I speak healthy minds and healthy emotions over my children.  Lord, thank you that they will never walk in deep sadness as in depression.  Cause the joy of the Lord to guard their minds.  I pray they would be wise with what they put in their bodies – no substance abuse will overcome my children in Jesus’ name.  Help them to curb any addiction that would creep in – from external media to food/sugar addiction.  I break off generational health curses of INSERT ANY FAMILY HEALTH PATTERNS.  Lord, please grant my children health and long life.  In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Tags: healing, health, wholeness, generational, minds


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