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Children - Day 40 - Prayer

by Lauren Eshenour on March 24, 2024

Day 40 – Prayer 

*When I “finished” writing these blogs and re-counted, I realized I only had 39 because I had combined some.  As I pondered how to end this challenge, it was clear that I wanted to impart and activate my children to a life of prayer.  Lord, do a deep work! 

Good Father, I thank you for these 40 days of prayer for __________.  It is such an honor to lift them up before your throne.  Thank you for making a way for me to approach your throne of grace with confidence.  I am so grateful that the current mission of Jesus is intercession for the saints!  As a seal of this challenge, I ask that you make my children prayer warriors.  Grow them and mold them into movers and shakers in the spirit.  Give them revelation into the power of prayer.  May their times in prayer flow easily.  I ask that, in various seasons of life, each child would walk in the gift of intercession.  Break their hearts for what breaks yours.  Wake them in the watches of the night with unction to pray.  Let them pray in the spirit without ceasing.  One day, let them prioritize prayer in their marriages and families.  Give them perseverance when the heavens do feel as brass.  Teach them to war; give them strategy.  I ask that the glory of the Lord would be evident in their “war rooms.”  In Jesus’ name, my children will be men and women that are generals in the faith because of their prayer closets.  Let it be so!  Amen and Amen. 

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