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Day 16 - Roles

by Lauren Eshenour on February 16, 2023

NOTE:  You can’t copy this one word for word.  You will have to edit this so that it is applicable based on who is doing the praying (Husband or Wife). 

Lord, I pray for our marriage and our roles in marriage.  I pray for HUSBAND as the head of the family.  I pray that he would have a keen ear to hear what the Holy Spirit is directing in regards to the family.  Help him to make the right decisions for our family even when they’re hard and others disagree.  Help him to truly listen to WIFE and for there to be a concept of mutual submission.  Help him to lead WIFE as Christ leads the church – in love, tenderness, compassion, truth, and grace.  And I pray for WIFE in her role as wife.  Lord I pray that she sees her role as important.  I thank you that as HUSBAND walks in his role that this also causes WIFE  to blossom.  I pray that it would be WIFE’S  joy to submit to HUSBAND and her privilege to come under his authority.  I pray that respect would well up inside of her – even when he makes a mistake that doesn’t appear ‘worthy’ of respect.  I pray that WIFE would recognize her role as wife is not to be the Holy Spirit.  Help her to uphold the power of prayer as the biggest weapon in her arsenal.  Cause nagging to have no place in her heart and allow her motivation to be pure when something does need to be addressed.  When done well, Lord, you’ve designed this to be one of the most beautiful sights our eyes behold.  Let us experience the full beauty of your design.  Soli Deo Gloria!

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