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Day 6 - Sex

by Lauren Eshenour on February 06, 2023

Lord Jesus, I thank You for the grace You’ve given both of us to pursue marriage with purity as the focal point.  Lord, I trust that You will bless our sex life as we have sought to honor You.  Lord, I pray against hurdles in this area.  I rebuke negative thoughts and insecurities.  May there be no fear or anxiety but only love which casts those things aside.  Cause us to bring pleasure and satisfaction to one another from a place of selflessness.  I thank You for agreement over preferences and birth control.  I thank You that we do not experience frustration but great joy and anticipation of love-making.  May honor for each other always be our motivation.  In Jesus’ name, amen. 

Tags: love, sex, purity, honor


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