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Grandchildren - Day 17 - Truthful Hearts & Lips

by Michele Eshenour on March 01, 2024

Day 17 - Truthful Hearts and Lips 

Lord, I pray that You will establish in my grandchildren hearts that value truth and the ability to have others trust the words of their mouths. For Your Word tells us that You “detest lying lips, but delight in those who tell the truth” (Proverbs 12:22). Fill ____________ with Your Spirit of truth so they have the desire and discernment to run hard after truth and reject the lies and deceptions that the devil places before them. May they never be boys/men or girls/women who give place to lies or deception, but rather people of integrity who seek to be trustworthy. Reward and bless them when they choose truth over deception. 

I pray that that they will guard their ways so that they will not sin with their tongues; they will guard their mouths as with a muzzle (Psalm 39:1). May these precious grandchildren never be able to get away with lying or sinning in secrecy—that all lies will come to light and be exposed. If they lie or act deceptively, may they be so miserable that they will be quick to confess and seek reconciliation with those they have wronged by their deception. Help their parents and significant adults to teach them the power of speaking truth and effectively discipline them when they test that principle. For any who are already ensnared by a pattern of lying and deception, I ask that You would deliver them from a lying spirit. “Keep them from deceitful ways; be gracious to them and teach them Your law” (Psalm 119: 28-29). Give them humble hearts that do not resist obedience in this important arena of their lives. 

I ask this in the name of Jesus, the Truth, Amen.




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