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King Jesus

by Lauren Eshenour on May 11, 2023

Pastor Lauren Here!

I'm going to use this blog to share new, original songs from either myself or the Abundant Harvest Church Worship team.  My personal goal is to have enough in our repertoire that we can record a live worship concert in 2024.  I'll use the blog to share a bit about the song's story and include the video.  I pray each song is a blessing and ministers to the Church.

KING JESUS:  At the beginning of this calendar year, I knew I needed to put more energy into the worship team at AHC.  The Lord gave me some strategic ways to grow and develop my team and I made plans to implement them.  One of the new elements of our group this year is JAM NIGHTS.  Once a month we skip our usual Sunday morning practicing and just have a JAM NIGHT.  JAM NIGHT looks different based on who shows up (It's not required).  The first JAM NIGHT was slotted for the second week in February.  I was exhausted.  My grandpa had just passed away and the funeral was that day.  I, admittedly, purposely didn't remind my team because I was hoping no one would come and I could just go home early.  However, two singers remembered...UGGHH!!!  Now, I love these singers with all my heart - but I just didn't want to be there...and no instrumentalists showed up to actually jam with...

Well, on the fly, I taught one of my singers a basic cajon beat and started jamming with her.  To the other singer I said, "Go get a Bible.  I'm going to play this over and over and I want you to come up with some lyrics and we'll see if we can start a song."  That was the night KING JESUS was born.  It wasn't my favorite at first.  I was like, "Yeah, it might work.  I think we'll have to rewrite a bunch."  But as I listened to our phone recording over and over, I fell in love with it.  I introduced it to the church a few weeks later and told Tim, "Don't tell the church we wrote this unless it goes over well!!!!!"  Long story short, it did.  I can't even remember the Psalm that started it.  It mentioned God being our Refuge and Strength and then we just kept going.  

This is a very basic recording that we did in practice last week as we were preparing to lead it on Sunday.  I pray that you can use it worship Jesus as King!

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