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Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus

by Danielle Huss on November 08, 2023

Where do you stand with the Lord if the worst should happen?

Will you still love the Lord if the worst happens?

Will you still serve the Lord if the worst happens?

Will you still believe that He is good and faithful if the worst should happen?

Will you still believe that, no matter what you see in the natural, He has a plan?

Have you determined, no matter what, that your answer to Him will be yes?

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, Do not depend on your own understanding.  Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. - Proverbs 3:5-6

  1. TRUST.  What is trust?
    • Trust is an action and a choice.  It’s the belief in the truth, strength and ability of someone or something.  It is consistently good in quality and performance.
      • Is trust earned or given?
      • If you are in the camp of trust is earned: How does the Lord earn your trust?
      • Do you trust the Lord only when he gives you the answer you want to hear?
      • Do you trust the Lord only when things work out the way you think they should?
      • Does the Lord lose trust when the answers are not what you want or expect them to be?
      • Do you trust him all the time or only when it is convenient for you?
  2. LORD.  Who or what is a lord?
    • A Lord someone who is a master possessing supreme power and authority over another
      • Is Jesus Lord or is he only Savior?
      • Is he really Lord?
      • Does He possess supreme power and authority over your life?
      • Have you truly made him Lord?
      • Is he really Lord in every area of your life or are there only certain areas he is allowed to be lord of?
  3.  ALL.  What does all mean?
    • All is the whole amount, the entire quantity, to the fullest extent. There is no room for anything leftover.  There is nothing reserved for another time.  There is nothing held back.  All is absolutely everything. 
      • Have you given Him the totality of yourself?
      • Is there some place or portion, some area of your life, heart, finances, entertainment, or time that He isn’t allowed to have?
  4. HEART
    • Your heart is the primary organ of blood and it is absolutely necessary to sustain life.  It is where we make decisions, where our motives come from, where our determination comes from, where we arrive at conclusions and make judgments.  It is where we reason and understand.  It’s the inner most part or ourselves where we wrestle with life, challenges, and disappointments.  It is where we talk to ourselves and ultimately where our words to others come from.
      • Have you asked the Lord to search your heart?
      • Have you held up your priorities, time, decisions, words, actions and motives to the Lord?
      • Is He pleased?
      • Is the Lord happy with your schedule?
      • Is the Lord happy with your budget?
      • Is the Lord happy with the way you communicate with others?
    • To depend on something is to be sustained by it or attached to it.  It means that you rely on it and rest with confidence in it. 
      • Who or what do you depend on?
      • Is it your spouse?
      • Is it your neighbor?
      • Is it your friend?
      • Is it wrong to depend on people?
      • Is it wrong to depend on material possessions (like a car)?
      • Who do you turn to when things aren’t going right?
    • To understand is to comprehension or have knowledge of something.  It is what our mind grabs a hold of or our own intelligence about something.
      • Are you attached to your own way of thinking or doing something?
      • Has your mind grabbed a hold of something and refused to acknowledge another way?
      • Are you refusing to let go of your own understanding?
      • Are you submitted to the Lord’s authority?
      • Do you seek wise counsel for life decisions?  
  7. SEEK
    • To seek is to endeavor to find. It is an action and it is intentional.
      • Are you seeking or are you coasting?
      • Are you being intentional about looking for the Lord?
      • Do you just show up on a Sunday, maybe take a few notes, but go home and live the rest of your life the way that you want to live it?
      • Are you seeking?
      • Are you purposed and intentional
      • Are you blown where the wind takes you?
      • Are you dedicated to finding the Lord?
  8. WILL
    • A will is a choice, direction or desire.  It is a moral purpose or counsel.
      • Whose will are you seeking after?
      • Are you seeking the Lord’s will for your life or your own?
      • Are you chasing dreams that you have for yourself or dreams that the Lord has for you?
      • Are you walking a path that you planned for yourself or the one that the Lord has laid for you?
      • Is your plan for your life in line with the Lord’s plan for your life?
      • Who is in the driver’s seat and in control?
  9. DO
    • To do something is to perform or execute.  It means to carry out or exert.  To do something is an action and a choice. 
      • What are the things that you do?
      • What conversations do you participate in at church, home, and work?
      • What kind of parent are you?
      • What kind of son/daughter are you?
      • What kind of husband/wife are you?
      • What do you do for fun?
      • Are you doing things for the Lord or for yourself?
      • Are you doing things to glorify the Lord and his name?
      • Are you doing things that glorify your own name, ambition, enjoyment, or desire?
  10. SHOW
    • To show is to exhibit or present to the view of others.  It is perception or the ability to see.
      • What kinds of things are showing up in your life?
      • What example are you showing others?
      • Are you waiting for the Lord to show you?
      • Have you already decided for yourself which way you will go?
  11. PATH
    • A path is a narrow way.  It is a passage typically beaten by foot.  It is a course of life. 
      • What path are you on?
      • Are you afraid of the challenges you will face if you walk on that Kingdom path?
      • Are you afraid of hard things?
      • Have you made a list in your mind of do’s and don’ts will’s and won’ts when it comes to a path that the Lord may ask you to take?
      • Are there paths that are off limits to the Lord?
      • Are you on a Kingdom path?
      • Are you on your own path?
  12. TAKE
    • To take is to lay hold of or to seize.  It means to occupy or receive or to have.
      • What do you grab a hold of?
      • What do you have?
      • What path are you taking?

I am to make the choice and take action to believe in the consistently good truth, ability, and strength of my master who possesses supreme power and authority over me. I am to do this with the full extent of my life, my choices, and my determination.  I should not be sustained by, rely on or rest with confidence in my own ideas, my own intelligence, or my own knowledge.  Instead I am to look for, inquire about and endeavor to find my master’s choice, my master’s direction, my master’s counsel, and/or my master’s desire for every plan, every performance, and every idea in my life.  Upon doing so, my master will present to me and enable me to see the course for my life that I am to lay hold of, to seize, and to have. - Proverbs 3:5-6 - Danielle's Interpretation

Do you trust Him enough to do what he says?

Do you trust Him enough to take that step regardless of the consequences?

Do you trust Him enough to walk in simple obedience?

Do you trust Him?

Does He have your all, the totality of you?

Are you holding something back?

Do you have to consider every angle before taking that step of faith and say yes Lord?

Are there areas in your life that are off limits to Him?

Do you trust Him enough to follow Him wherever He leads?

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