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why join a group?

The purpose of Connection Groups is to create an environment where people can connect with Christ and with one another. In Acts 2:46-47 and Acts 20:20, connection took place in two areas: in the Temple (public ministry) and in homes (private ministry).  Small group ministry is a very productive way to live the Great Commission and a way to care for and pray for one another. Please prayerfully consider joining a group. Your commitment will bear great fruit not only in your life, but also in the lives of others.

groups meet on the first, third, and fifth sunday of each month from september-may


Duncannon - Maulfair - Adults Only

Where:  274 Montebello Farm Rd., Duncannon
Leader:  Chuck Bornman
Host: Gerry Maulfair
Starts at 5:30PM; Pet-free home

Newport - Kauffman - Adults Only

Where:  102 Juniata Parkway East, Newport
Leader:  Martha Kauffman, Candy Wray, Russ Alleman
Hosts:  Steve & Martha Kauffman
From 5:30PM - 8:00PM; Pet-free home

Liverpool - Noll - Widows Only

Where:  75 Witmer Farm Rd., Liverpool
Leader:  Dixie Minnich
Hosts:  Robin Noll
1:00PM - 3:00PM; Pet-free home

Duncannon - Fisher - Young Adults Only

Where:  69 Petersburg Lane, Duncannon
Leader:  Aaron Fisher
Host:  Aaron & Hannah Fisher
5:30PM-8:00PM; Dog in home

Elliottsburg - Eshenour - Adults Only

Subject:  Marriage (CLOSED GROUP; NO SIGN-UPS)
Leader:  Scott and Cheryl Frederick
Hosts:  Jon and Michele Eshenour

Newport - Eshenour - Child Friendly

Where:  274 Oakwoods Dr., Newport 
Leader:  Pastor Tim Eshenour
Hosts:  Pastor Lauren Eshenour
5:30PM-8:00PM - Dog in home

New Bloomfield - Campbell - Child Friendly

Where: 90 Hunters Lane, New Bloomfield
Leader:  Charlotte Klunk
Hosts:  Barry Jr. and Tonya Campbell
5:30PM-8:00PM; Dog and cat in home

New Bloomfield - Owen - Child Friendly

Where: 7835 Spring Rd., New Bloomfield
Leader:  Eugene Dum
         Hosts:  Pat Owen

5:00PM-7:30PM; Pet-free home

Duncannon - Huss - Child Friendly

Where: 1498 Newport Rd., Duncannon
Leaders:  Danielle Huss & Randi Garcia
Host:   Jeff & Danielle Huss
5:00PM; Dogs and cat in home